Free links to Program or Activities

We miss our members at this time and we are offering free resources for you to view during this time. Let's stay connected and find ways to stay active both physically and mentally during our "Stay at Home" times.

While You Tube and other online portals have amazing content out there, please make sure you are monitoring the content before sharing with your family. We want you and your family to be safe out there.




Agoura Hills/ Calabasas Community Center Closed Until Further Notice

The AHCCC continues to follow Public Health Order to "Stay At Home"  and remains closed until further  (anticipated at the minimum reopening in mid-May). Our full time staff will be working remotely during this time and can be reached by e-mail. If you have any questions please email us at We are reaching out through active if you are not receiving messages please send us your email as it may not be in our system and we can add it or correct it if you have changed it.

Currently all programs and rentals are cancelled through May 10 during this time. All spring registrations have been suspended and summer registrations have been postponed. We have all memberships are on hold at this time and no automatic payments will be processed until we re-open. Refunds for cancelled programs or camps are being processed by staff. The JPA Board evaluated the closure status at their March 26th  meeting, and we will continue to be closed until further notice while following current health and governmental orders. We do not anticipate being open until at least May10.

Currently, the LA County Public Health Orders are closing all beaches and trails to help people stay home. Only leave your homes for essential visits and try to limit them to once or twice a week if you can. 

We will continue to provide updates and information as soon as we can.

L.A. County Health has shared some valuable information regarding the most up to date information:

Beware of scams, false news and hoaxes surrounding novel coronavirus. Accurate information, including announcements of new cases in LA County, will always be distributed by Public Health through press releases, social media, and our website.

The website has more information on COVID-19 including FAQs, infographics and a guide to coping with stress, as well as tips on handwashing.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH, County)

Social media: @lapublichealth

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Access Center 24/7 Helpline (800) 854- 7771.

Center for Disease Control 

City of Agoura Hills Information

City of Calabasas Information

Comments from the Executive Director

During these constantly changing times we know how important a community center is to the community. While our doors are not open at the time for your protection and the protection of our staff, we are currently working on connecting you with virtual content and tips. The easiest way to start connecting is to follow our Facebook page. We are working on uploading some videos for you that will allow you to keep up with your physical and mental health during these times. I remind you all to find joy in the small moments right now; to take a walk while practicing social distancing; enjoy the sound of rain on your roof or a ray of sunshine poking through; use equipment (cans of food, bags of flour) that you have at the house to continue your fitness routine; call a friend or neighbor instead of visiting them; tell jokes with your family; have a dance party; or curl up with a good book or a virtual book. We will be providing ways for you to get involved with your neighbors and to help you be entertained at home. We will also post links to this page as well.

Please stay safe and our staff misses you and cannot wait until we can have you back at the center again.

Looking forward to helping to connect our communities in new ways,

Brianne Anderson and your staff at the AHCCC (Brandon, Jenna, Linda, and Roberto) 


Tips for "Staying At Home"

How to prepare your home for COVID-19

The AHCCC will be posting links to activities and tips on staying healthy both physically and mentally during this time; activities to do at home with and without children; tips from the business community; how to assist your neighbors from afar; and more. You may also follow us on our social media for some chances to socially interact without putting anyone at risk.  


Holidays away from your families. Typically, during the spring season, many people attend parties, picnics, meals, and events, and religious services to celebrate Easter or Passover. This year, we have to celebrate in a new way for all of our safety. It is hard to be away from our loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. How can we still connect and reach out during this time?

  • Some people are cooking together via a electronic device, cell phones, tablets, and  computers. Some are even sharing priceless family recipes to help feel together during this time.
  • Many religious institutions are offering online services, videos, and music during this time.
  • Spend time talking about your own family traditions and why you celebrate or don't celebrate.
  • Families who usually invite their neighbors for dinner are still able to cook a plate, wrap it, and deliver it to the front step and then call for pick up.
  • Virtual egg hunts have become popular online.
  • Sharing the love via chalk on the ground. We can always write Happy Easter! Happy Passover! or simply Happy Spring!
  • I saw a great message the other day that simply said, "We are all in this together- be kind:)" 
  • You can make your personal celebrations as big or as small as you would like and as long as you do it together, you can still find joy in the next few weeks. If you have no family to gather with right now and would like a phone call- reach out to us at and we will call you to wish you a Happy Holiday.


Rain got you feeling more stir crazy?

  • Make a fort
  • Pop some popcorn, pull up a black and white movie or favorite classic.
  • Go splash in the puddles!
  • Learn a new hobby with your hands- cooking, knitting, sewing
  • Shadow puppets on the wall
  • Play hide and go seek


Do you have a green thumb? As spring is here now is a great time to start your summer garden, spring flowers, and create an herb garden that you always wanted.


Getting in a food rut? 

  • Switch it up with a brunch
  • Break out the China and dress up for the night 
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Create a mystery dinner with clues to get each part of the meal.
  • Create a favorite meal at home
  • Order takeout from a local restaurant and watch the sunset on your car.


The stay at home order has been in place for two weeks, what part of your spring cleaning have you done? Start small and do not worry if it doesn't happen right away. Use specifics to help keep you on task. I know you can find tons of books and videos on how to organize (there is even a series on Netflix), but do what works for you and your household right now. Here are some general things that occur in spring cleaning, there will always be other areas to focus on, try to make it fun and involve the entire household if you can.

  • Closets (start rotating in some warmer weather gear)
  • Kitchen (drawers, pantry, shelves, countertops, fridge, freezers, floor, sinks)
  • Bathrooms (Tiles, floor, tubs, showers, sinks, mirrors, shelves, drawers, and toilets)
  • Garage (Boxes, bins, supplies, tools, extras, floors, walls, cords)
  • Craft Stations
  • Toys and Legos
  • Holiday decorations
  • Dusting
  • Vacuum
  • Sweeping
  • Replacing batteries in smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors and flashlights
  • Cleaning out vents
  • Replacing filters on air conditioning units
  • Washing down your outside seating areas/ tables/ toys
  • Sanitizing your heavily used surfaces, door handles, remotes, touch screens, phones.
  • Laundry (The ever ending pile which grows during stay at home orders)


Want to help? We all feel a little helpless and disconnected during this time. 

If you have extra canned goods or non-perishables reach out to your local food pantry, senior organizations, churches, and more to schedule a non-contact delivery to help them serve your friends and neighbors during this time.

Handy with a sewing machine and have extra fabric? Here is a list of a site that connects you with places that need masks. Check out this video tutorial. A kind reminder that they are requesting a different fabric color/ pattern between the front and the back to know what size goes towards the patient and which side goes towards their mouth. 


Happy April Fools Day!

While we are not going to play a prank on anyone, today reminds us how important laughter is during this time. 

  • Tell /text appropriate jokes to friends
  • Watch your favorite comedy show or movie
  • Have a silly dance moves contest with your family or friends via social distancing and through a portal on the internet
  • Look at silly animal clips on You Tube
  • Make a silly recipe at home- Green Eggs and Ham anyone?
  • Call a friend with kids and ask them some random questions or to tell you a story- always can bring a smile to your face.
  • Look through photo albums of times that made you laugh
  • Drink through silly straws


Yearning for personal connections? Our amazing full time staff is going to be reaching out to check in with our members by email or telephone starting with our seniors. We miss you as much as you miss us and look forward to saying hello and hearing about your day.

Looking for other ways to connect?

  • E-mail
  • Virtual meetings/holiday dinners/ happy hours through Facetime or Zoom
  • Text Messages
  • Send an old fashioned letter or care package.
  • Phone a friend
  • Send videos to your family and friends of your current activities


Interested in learning about something new? 

  • Use your LA County Library Card to access free language classes, universal classes,, gale classes, and more.
  • KCET and PBS have created free resources for teachers and parents by clicking here.


Do you need a break and want to have a little fun? We are getting ready for a theme week. You can dress up as much as you want and you can include family members and pets. These are popular in schools and rarely as adults do we get the opportunity to participate. Please join us this week and share your photos with us on our Facebook page. We will have a random drawing for prizes when we resume regular operations. You have a chance to win every day and get to really distract yourselves for a little bit with preparing for the theme. HAVE FUN and we look forward to seeing your photos! 

  • Monday: Disney Day
  • Tuesday: Favorite Super Hero Day
  • Wednesday: Wacky Socks
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Friday: Crazy Hair


Help support your local restaurants and if you are able to order take-out or delivery from your local restaurants.

Click here for a list of Calabasas Restaurants

Click here for a list of Agoura Hills Restaurants


Share the love.

  • Reach out by mail, email, text or phone calls.
  • Connect with your neighbors and friends virtually.
  • If you know someone that cannot go out but needs something, reach out, offer to go to the store, and then leave items on their doorstep. 
  • Smile or wave- we can all use some momentary joy at this time.


It is easy to get stressed out, become anxious, and overwhelmed during these times. Make sure to take a break when you need it.

  • Turn off electronics, the news, social media, and phones for a short period of time.
  • Watch a favorite show or movie
  • Take a bath
  • Read a book
  • Drink a cup of tea


Make sure to get a dose of the outdoors:

  • Open your windows for some fresh air in your home.
  • Walk around your neighborhood while practicing social distancing.
  • Do yoga on your back porch.
  • Watch the sunrise or the sunset.
  • Look up at the sky and find cloud shapes or learn about a  new constellation.
  • Garden or do some yard work.
  • For kids create an obstacle course in the backyard.


Meditation can help you with:

  • Pain Management
  • Improving Sleep and Emotional Stability
  • Quieting the Mind with More Clarity in Decision Making
  • Providing a Sense of Peace and Well-being
  • Lowering Blood Pressure/ Heart Rate